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Great Free Stuff

Virtual Phone Number
With Voxby you can assign one FREE secondary phone number from a selection of USA area codes assisting you to eliminate long distance charges for you and your friends.

How it works
You have a main Voxby line PLUS a secondary phone number which is linked to your primary line. You may select your virtual phone number from the list of available numbers. Thus, you have 2 phone numbers for incoming calls, which make it easier for people from outside of your local area code to reach you.
You can assign more than two virtual phone numbers to your main Voxby line for just 4.95 per month.

Get a Cool Number
When sign up for a Voxby service, you can choose a phone number with an area code of your choice for just $1 from the list and get a COOL number, for example 985–5555 or 532–0202 with your area code in front.
To select a phone number, simply go to “Sign Up” page, choose your state, city and area code. Then click on «cool number -$1” and find one from the list of available numbers.
Voxby provides you with a COOL and easy-to-remember number!

Free Basic Equipment
We subsidize the cost of basic equipment for our customers. With us, you get Free SPA-1001 telephone adapter from Sipura or advanced multiline Sipura SPA-2100 for just $20.*
For Basic Plan customers we offer equipment at a wholesale price as well as a finance option. Due to the competitive nature of this plan we require a one time subsidized purchase of the adapter hardware. Compare our prices for the equipment with prices on and choose Voxby!

*Available only for World Unlimited and US/Canada plans: due to the competitive nature, we cannot subsidize Basic Plan.
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