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The Voxby benefits are obvious: for less money, we can provide the same or better telephone service as your current telephone company, or our competitors.

To assist you in evaluating Voxby, we have built a chart which compares our service with VerizonŽ phone service.

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Comparisons are based on data available as of 06/02/2005.

Verizon Voxby Voxby Benefits
Plan Verizon Freedom Unlimited US/Canada Unlimited Free calls to Canada
Cost of Plan $49.95 $23.95 You Save $26
Standard Features 3 16 FREE 13 features
International Calls High rates Very low rates You save loads on each call
Monthly Fees $8.54 $2.22 You save $6.32
Monthly charge $58.49 $26.17 You save $32.32
Year Total $701.88 $352.24 SAVE $349.64
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