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  • Adapter (ATA) – A device that that connects between you high speed modem and computer allowing you to send and receive audible communication(voice)and enabling you to replace high cost traditional phone service.

  • Basic plan – A basic yet full featured phone service for customers that need a home phone with minimal useage. All USA minutes are charged at a very low $0.025 rate per minute.

  • Broadband Internet connectionHigh-speed Internet service through a cable line. With broadband, you are always connected to the Internet, thus you can send and receive information many times faster than dial-up service.

  • Business plans – Plans for business customers designed by Voxby to offer advanced features staying within their budget.

  • Call waiting – A feature that enables the user to identify and answer an incoming call while already on the phone.

  • Cable modem – Hardware that allows your computer to access high-speed Internet service through existing cable and telephone lines.

  • Caller ID – A feature that allows to identify an incoming caller by name or number.

  • Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) – High speed Internet connection service utilizing traditional telephone lines and modem.

  • Ethernet – A local area network that allows several computers to access high speed information Internet services.

  • Flat Rate International Option – A Voxby option that offers the customer a predetermined block of minutes to the country of their choice at a deeply discounted monthly rate.

  • Internet – A global network connecting computer users.

  • International calls – Calls that are placed from one country to be received in a different country.

  • In-plan” International Option – A plan offered by Voxby that includes unlimited calls to global destinations as well as the USA and Canada for a low monthly fee.

  • Local calls – Calls within an area defined as local by the telephone company. Typically these are calls within a city or a surrounding region.

  • Residential plans – Cost effective plans built for non-business customers.

  • Toll Free number – A number that begins with either 800/888/877, in which the calling party is not charged for the call by the telephone operator. The called party pays all of the charges for the call.

  • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) – Technology that allows people to make and receive phone calls over an Internet connection.

  • Voicemail – A system that records, stores, and sends audio messages from incoming callers. Voxby Voicemail allows you to access your missed call messages at any time from any telephone or Internet-connected computer through your e-mail.

  • 3-way calling – A feature that enables the user to connect two different recipients on the same phone connection.

  • Router – An electronic device which connects networks and determines the fastest path for information to travel. A router allows you to connect several networking devices to the Internet at the same time, such as your Voxby phone and computer.

  • Voxby phone – A phone with a network card in it. The card allows the phone to communicate with computers across the Internet.

  • Speed dial – A feature that allows the user to program their most regularly called numbers into a memory file enabling the need for only two digits to be dialed instead of 10 or more.

  • Pier-to-Pier – When two customers using the same network connect.

  • Voxby – The number one Voice over Internet Protocol service created for educated domestic and international phone consumers. Voxby is offered to the customer through a team of highly trained and experienced specialists with a single aim to exceed our clients expectations for superior service and value.
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