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Use Soft Phone with Voxby Broadband phone service

Now you can use your computer to make phone calls with Voxby Broadband phone service. You just need to download SIP Softphone.
We recommend Freeware SIP Softphone X-Lite:

Follow the installation wizard in order to install X-Lite SIP Softphone.

Set up instructions:

1. To assign SIP Proxy go to Menu, System Settings, SIP Proxy, Default and set up the following menu options:
  • Enabled: Yes
  • Username: SIP Username from Voxby, My Account, Account
  • Password: SIP Password from Voxby, My Account, Account
  • Domain / Realm:
  • SIP Proxy:
2. To assign STUN server go to Menu, Network, Primary STUN Server, and enter your Voxby STUN IP address:

Your softphone is ready to use now.
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